Inflation Report

Inflation Report contains information on the current and expected inflation, analysis of underlying macroeconomic developments, explanation of the reasoning behind the decisions of the Executive Board and an assessment of the monetary policy efficiency as implemented during the previous quarter. Integral parts of this report are inflation projection for eight quarters ahead, assumptions on which such projection is based and an analysis of the basic risks involved in achievement of target inflation.

Text boxes:

  • Text box 1: How strong is the interest rate channel in Serbia?
  • Text box 2: Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on global automobile industry and the implications for Serbia
  • Text box 3: Structure and dynamics of corporate costs in 2014–2019
  • Text box 4: Reviews of the Fed and ECB’s monetary strategies
  • Text box 5: NBS’s projection of domestic GDP growth, its revision during the year and comparison with projections of international financial institutions

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