Organisational structure of the NBS

Jorgovanka Tabaković
Governor’s Office
Monetary and FX Operations Department
Department for FX Matters and Foreign Credit Relations
Economic Research and Statistics Department
Financial Stability Department
Enforced Collection Department
Cash Department
Legal Department
Department for Human Resources and Organisational Matters
ICT Department
Internal Audit
Controlling Centre
Belgrade Branch (cash operations)
Novi Sad Branch (cash operations)
Niš Branch
Kragujevac Branch
Užice Branch
Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins - Topčider
Željko Jović
Bank Supervision Department
Insurance Supervision Department
Department for Financial Consumer Protection
AML Supervision Centre
Centre for Information Systems Supervision
Ana Ivković
Centre for Cooperation With Domestic and International Institutions and Financial Organisations
Bank Resolution Centre
Dragana Stanić
Payment System Department
Acting Secretary General
Gojko Bjelanović
Accounting and Finance Department
General Affairs Department
Procurement Department
Belgrade Branch
(general affairs)
Novi Sad Branch
(general affairs))