Numismatics is the scientific study of old and modern money. The Greek name “nomisma” (ancient Greek: νομισματική) means mint or money. The discipline also includes phaleristics (study of the history and design of medals) and scripophily (collection of stock certificates, bonds and fiscal documents). Numismatic items are grouped, stored and handled in numismatic collections. The numismatic collection of the National Bank of Serbia is handled by the Numismatic Team of the Cash Department.

Numismatic Team

The activities of the Numismatic Team include: enriching of the numismatic collection preserved in the Vault and its systematic research, classification and display at the permanent exhibitions, preparation of publications and review of domestic and foreign publications on numismatics. This Department also maintains good relations with numismatic institutions abroad with a view to exchanging experiences and positive practices in the issue of commemorative coins especially regarding motifs, use of various precious metals, denomination structure, issue volumes, purchasing and selling prices, preparation of projects, programmes and reports on commemorative coins issued by the NBS, etc.