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Internet presentation of the National Bank of Serbia contains information about the activities of the National Bank of Serbia: press releases from the Governor`s Office, monthly, quarterly and annual analyses, publications and reports, daily information such as exchange rate lists or information on enforced collection, measures and decisions taken by the National Bank of Serbia.

Depending on the subject matter, published materials are updated at different times and filed away, whereas regulations passed by the National Bank of Serbia remain on the website for the entire period of their validity and are updated for any amendments immediately after their publication in the ‘’RS Official Gazette” or entry into force.


Main navigation features the SERVICES link to the most frequently requested information: Single Register of Accounts, Debtors in enforced collection, Register of Bills of Exchange or Mandates, Register of Received Decisions and Web Services.


Main navigation features the PRESS link to the archive of press releases from NBS Executive Board meetings, press conferences, presentations, interviews and speeches by NBS management.


The following websites can be visited as subdomains of the National Bank of Serbia:

  • National Payment Cards Centre (,
  • Tvoj novac (Your Money) - website for those who want to learn more about financial products and services ( - in Serbian only,
  • Visitor Centre (

Web services

Web services are software components enabling linkages between distributed applications or other software components based on standardized communication formats. Through the web services system, the National Bank of Serbia provides legal entities with automated access to selected data and enables them to download relevant data into their information systems.

RSS - download news and press releases

RSS - Really Simple Syndication is an XML document standard for downloading information from the Internet.
RSS integrates easily with other content and is used for browsing news through RSS browser and integrator.


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