Financial services consumer protection and education

By setting up the institute of financial services consumer protection in 2007, the NBS aimed to promote fair consumer treatment by financial institutions, strengthen good business practices, and ensure, within its remit, the protection of consumer rights and interests. The key activities of the Financial Services Consumer Protection Department are therefore informing the public about financial products and services, answering consumer queries through the Call Centre (toll-free call at 0800 111 110), considering consumer complaints and conducting mediation so as to facilitate peaceful settlement of disputes. In addition to that, the Financial Services Consumer Protection Department educates and informs the public about various financial products and services, or more precisely, about their similarities and differences. To support these efforts, an internet site was launched Т for citizens who want to learn more about financial products, their concept and inherent risks. In order to make information available throughout Serbia, the NBS opened financial education offices in its branches in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac and Užice. Through leaflets, educational brochures and media presentations, the NBS informs the public not only about financial products and services, but also about various other activities under its remit.

By organising and holding public forums in cities and towns throughout Serbia, the NBS contributes to direct communication with interested citizens and thus, improves information availability in general.