Srpske novine (1834-1919)

(Serbian version only)


The first newspaper in modern Serbia, entitled Novine srbske and edited by Dimitrije Davidović, one of the leading Serbian intellectuals of the time, was printed in Kragujevac in 1834. Its weekly circulation was 300 copies, and the annual subscription fee 2 thalers. Publication of this paper was relocated to Belgrade in 1835. In 1845, its name was changed to Srbske novine, and in 1869 to Srpske novine. Between 1843 and March 1849 this newspaper was published as a biweekly and as a three-weekly until the end of 1872. Relaunched as a daily in 1873, its publication continued with major interruptions during the First World War.

The newspaper was printed in Kragujevac and Belgrade, but also in Niš (1914–1915) and on Corfu (1916–1918). As the official gazette of the Serbian state, it covered, followed and interpreted the politics of the Serbian government until the end of the First World War and the constitution of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. The last issue came out on 15 February 1919 by the Gregorian calendar.

Srpske novine was not only the first official gazette, but also a daily covering political, economic, cultural and social events in the Kingdom of Serbia.

In 2007, the NBS Archive digitised more than 9,900 original issues of Srpske novine for the period 1883–1919, stored in the NBS Library and Archive. The digitised issues were posted on the NBS website for the special benefit of all users of the global communication network, to mark the 125th anniversary of enactment of the first Law on the National Bank on 6 January 1883 (19 January by the Gregorian calendar).

This law and all subsequent legislation were published in Srpske novine, as well as all amendments and supplements thereto, reports from Shareholders’ Committee meetings, reports on profits, notices of placing banknotes in circulation, daily exchange rate quotes and other relevant materials. By digitising this newspaper, the National Bank of Serbia is simply paying back its debt.

The NBS Archive acknowledges the contribution of the Serbian Archive and Matica Srpska in providing the missing issues of the newspaper.