Terms of Use of the National Bank of Serbia’s Accounts on Social Networkst

The NBS uses social networks to share information and communicate with the public and all stakeholders, publishing the most important content and information about activities performed in relation to its tasks and operations. On NBS official accounts in social networks you can find information about activities under the central bank’s remit that are of interest to the media, professional and wider community. You can also follow the information about financial education and social responsibility programmes. Tapping into social networking, the NBS continues implementing a communication strategy conducive to the development of trust and credible dialogue with all stakeholders, while achieving its statutory objectives.

Using NBS accounts in social networks, you accept the following terms.

  1. NBS account administrator

    Communications Division – Public Relations Unit is the administrator of NBS official accounts in social networks.

  2. Protection of privacy and personal data

    All content and information published by the NBS on its social network accounts are considered public. This content may be shared without any special permissions provided the source is cited (unless explicitly stated that the content was taken from another source).

    Using NBS accounts in social networks you are automatically giving your consent, at the time of the posting of content and information, for the collection and processing of personal data within the meaning of regulations governing personal data protection.

  3. Security

    You may not post the following content on NBS accounts in social networks:

    - content which is not directly or indirectly related to the content or information posted by the NBS on its account;
    - advertisement or marketing, the same content appearing more times and content which disables interaction of other users or causes technical difficulties (e.g. spams);
    - content which disables, hinders or in any other way affects the normal functioning of NBS accounts (virus reading, malicious codes, etc.);
    - content which uses or reveals other people’s personal and confidential data or constitutes false representation;
    - content harassing or intimidating other users, which contains threats or violence, or which instigates to such activities;
    - content which contains rude, offensive, malicious, hateful or discriminatory narratives or instigations to such activities;
    - content violating intellectual property rights and other rights of third parties (logo or other identity symbols of the NBS which cannot be used without authorisation);
    - content which presents any illegal action.

  4. Responsibility for the content

    The NBS is not responsible for the information/comments of social network users published when sharing posts from NBS accounts. Responsibility for such content/information is on the user who shares them.

    Attitudes, opinions and experiences expressed in the comments in NBS accounts in social networks belong to the author only and do not necessarily represent NBS views.

    Fake user accounts can be reported to social networks. The NBS is not responsible for the content shared on fake NBS accounts in social networks.

  5. Removal of user comments

    The NBS has the right to remove any content or information at any time if they violate these Terms of Use.

    The NBS may suspend or block a user who has violated these Terms of Use with their posts more than once. It may block or report such user to social networks.

    The NBS has the right to remind a user violating the Terms of Use of NBS Accounts in Social Networks and terms of use of social networks of the Terms of Use and the terms of use of social networks and ask them to change or remove such content and information.

  6. Amendments

    To protect personal data, social network users are asked to avoid publication of personal data (e.g. data about bank accounts or credit cards, mobile phone numbers, etc.)

    The NBS retains the right to update the Terms of Use of NBS Accounts in Social Networks at any time.

  7. Application of rules

    NBS accounts in social networks are governed by these Terms of Use and the personal data protection policy of social networks where the NBS has its official accounts.

    Users shall observe and implement the general terms of use of social networks accepted when joining those networks.

    If you have any questions regarding these Terms of Use or any suggestions for improvement of NBS activities in social networks, please send an e-mail to drustvene.mreze@nbs.rs.