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Summary of NBS decision based on which AIK Banka acquired the shares of Sberbank Srbija

Within its statutory authorities enshrined in the Law on Banks, and in view of the newly emerged circumstances relating to the operation of the former EU-based shareholder, the National Bank of Serbia has taken appropriate measures to enable the sale of shares of Sberbank Srbija (Bank) so as to ensure full stability of the Bank’s operations irrespective of how the situation with Sberbank in the EU evolves.

Namely, on 28 February 2022 the National Bank of Serbia adopted a decision to initiate a resolution procedure in respect of Sberbank Srbija a.d. Beograd, as the most suitable measure for maintaining the Bank’s operational stability, opting for the use of the following resolution tool – sale of bank shares. The agreement on the sale of the Bank’s shares was concluded with Agroindustrijska komercijalna banka AIK Banka a.d. Beograd (Acquirer) on the same day, as the Acquirer had already obtained the National Bank of Serbia’s consent to the acquisition of 100% ownership in the Bank based on the prior fit and proper assessment.

The adoption of the above decision resulted in the change of the Bank’s ownership structure, as the Bank ceases to be a part of Sberbank Europe AG and becomes a part of a stable domestic banking group. This means that the decision basically has no implications for the Bank’s financial services consumers, since the Bank continues with normal operation and provision of financial services, which the consumers of those services can continue using just as they have done so far, with no change whatsoever, having in mind that this is a highly liquid and well capitalized bank.