Fake website DinaKartica–Srbija (www.dinakartica.com)

We have identified a fake website DinaKartica–Srbija (www.dinakartica.com), which uses the name and logo of the DinaCard system and requires from Dina card users, within promotional campaigns, to leave their payment card data.  

As this is a fake website through which personal and payment card data are collected and abused, we kindly ask you not to leave your personal data in order to protect them.

In case you have already entered the data from you card, you should notify the bank that issued the Dina card as soon as possible.

The National Bank of Serbia has taken steps to prevent the said fraudulent activity and to uncover the perpetrators of this criminal offence.

It should be noted that the only official website of the DinaCard system is https://dinacard.nbs.rs/.

Payment System Department