Cultural and educational activities

As an institution of national significance, the NBS actively engages in public education. It enables both local and foreign audiences to learn about money (and messages transmitted through its visual design) as a specific form of our cultural and historical heritage and to visit the Bank building, which is one of the most beautiful 19th century edifices in Belgrade. Aware of its role and significance in society, the NBS opened the Visitor Centre which organises exhibitions and educational activities to inform citizens, especially younger generations, about central bank operations and various aspects of money. The Visitor Centre, both traditional and innovative, performs not only its core exhibition activities, but also enriches them with interactive displays, films, lectures and educational material for target visitor groups. It conducts programmes tailored for primary and secondary school pupils and university students, comprising lectures, quiz games, workshops, and educational game tournaments.

The NBS is an active participant in a number of cultural events such as the International Day of the Francophonie, Global Money Week, Days of Belgrade, Night of Museums, European Heritage Days and Global Savings Week. Also, it organises the Open Day Door and cedes its exhibition space in the Slavija building for various cultural and social events.

In 2007, the NBS Visitor Centre won the annual Project of the Year Award of the National Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). Explaining its decision, the Committee stated: “The Visitor Centre with its activities is a unique museum project in our country, setting an example to be followed by other important state institutions”

At the First Annual Child and Youth Finance International Summit held in April 2012 in Amsterdam, under the auspices of the Child and Youth Finance International, the NBS received the Country Award for outstanding contribution and its visionary and innovative approach to the development of youth financial education in Serbia.