Certificates and other data issued on client request

Upon written request of creditors and debtors, the Enforced Collection Division in Kragujevac issues the following certificates, against payment of the applicable fee:

  • certificate that the debtor has no recorded execution titles and orders in enforced collection,
  • certificate on the number of days of account blockage,
  • certificate on the priority of collection against a particular blocking order,
  • certificate on total outstanding execution titles and orders in enforced collection,
  • certificate on recorded outstanding execution titles and orders – list of all outstanding decisions and orders,
  • certificate on effected enforced collection of execution titles and orders,
  • certificate on executed decision,
  • certificate on execution of bill of exchange,
  • certificate on outstanding execution titles and orders on record with the enforced collection for debtors undergoing bankruptcy, and provides other data.

The request for the certificate can ONLY be submitted via link. The person filing the request must fill out data on the debtor and the type of certificate which is requested, and specify whether the request is filed by a natural or a legal person:

  • Request filed by natural person,
  • Request filed by legal person.

Notes: Requests for certificates for trade unions, tenants’ assemblies, religious organizations and other legal entities which have the same ID numbers are submitted in writing or by email: zahtevzapotvrde@nbs.rs to the competent organizational enforced collection unit in Kragujevac.

Other requests

In addition, the client may also request the calculation of interest at the requested rate and interest rate period for a given amount of principal, using form PN REQUEST 2.

The request to withdraw orders from the third line of priority (securities, bills of exchange and mandates), signed and certified by stamp and signature from the specimen signature card, must be submitted by the creditor on the PN REQUEST 3 form and delivered to the bank which maintains the creditor’s account. The bank then sends the scanned copy of the request and of the order to pay the order withdrawal fee to the National Bank of Serbia, e-mail: povlacenje3.red@nbs.rs.

The request to withdraw a bill of exchange avalised by a legal entity and to submit data on the amount debited from the debtor’s account is submitted by the debtor’s bank using the PN REQUEST 3А form, while the scanned copy (free of charge) is submitted to the National Bank of Serbia, e-mail: povlacenje3.red@nbs.rs.

The fee for the withdrawal of the claim enforcement order is charged pursuant to NBS Tariff, tariff no. 12, tariff item 4. The fee for the issuance of certificates and other data is charged pursuant to tariff items 5, 6, 7 and 8.