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PayX doo Beograd

Beograd, Šumatovačka 3a 
Information on the location of payment institutions and their outlets can be found on their websites.
Business registry number:21214990
Tax identification number:109637016
Telephone:011 3988-500
Date and number of decision:14/02/2017 NBS Executive Board No 32
Type of payment service: Fund transfers from and/or to a payment account, in one of the following ways: (1) credit transfers, (2) direct debits, including one - off direct debits, (3) using a payment card or similar means.

See:Financial statement
Branches in third country

Members of managing bodies and directorsData on persons having a qualifying holdingHolding (%)
Andrijana Stefanović-Pavlović (director i manager)Vesela Ilić, Beograd60.0%
Zvezdan Ilić, Beograd40.0%