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Beograd, Dobračina 60 
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Business registry number:17327852
Tax identification number:101511791
Telephone:011 333-4951
Fax:011 334-0488
Date and number of decision:28/09/2015 NBS Executive Board No 83; 08/09/2016 NBS Executive Board No 74 and 10/06/2021 NBS Executive Board No 84
Type of payment service: Money remittance services. Fund transfers from and/or to a payment account, in one of the following ways: (1) credit transfers, (2) direct debits, including one - off direct debits, (3) using a payment card or similar means. Issuing and/or acquiring of payment instruments where the payment service provider enables to the payee the execution of payment transactions initiated by the payer by using a specific payment instrument

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Branches in third country

Members of managing bodies and directorsData on persons having a qualifying holdingHolding (%)
Andrijana Dragićević (director)Mirko Miljuš, Belgrade100%