General Data on VPF Management Company

Joint Stock Voluntary Pension Fund Management Company GENERALI Belgrade

11000 Beograd   Vladimira Popovića 8
Registration number: 20200677
Telephone: 011/222-0505
Number of decision on granting operating license:G-br. 8071
Date of issue of decision:08.09.2006.
Appendices:Auditor's opinion and balance sheets:
- 31/12/2016 (serbian only)
- 31/12/2017 (serbian only)
- 31/12/2018 (serbian only)
- 31/12/2019 (serbian only)
- 31/12/2020 (serbian only)
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Governing Bodies
Bord of Directors:
Ivan Ristić, executive director
Sonja Mrmak, executive director
Patrik Hudec, non-executive director

Main shareholdersTOTAL
Joint Stock Insurance Company GENERALI OSIGURANJE SRBIJA, Belgrade100.00%