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The Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins (ZIN)

The Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and CoinsThe construction of the Institute had begun in September 1927 and was completed in October 1929.

The arcitect Joseph Naiman has made ZIN`s general design according to the model of the French Institute in coordination with the Director of the Banque de France, Mr. F. Schuhler.

During many years of its tradition and development, the Institute has gained a well known reputation of a successful company, which is nowadays a leading one in the field of graphic industry.

The Institute achieves success thanks to its reliability – high professional standards and consistency in the business policy of selling its high quality products. Permanent specialization and education, proffesional approach and creativity distinguish the team of highly qualified and expert young people as driving  power of success and reliability of the company. Indipendence and freedom in making business decisions as well as responsibility at all organizational levels enable the release of positive energy and natural creativity of each individual, forming a successful and preogressive team.

Address: Pionirska 2, 11030 Beograd
Phone: +381 11/3531-200
Phone: +381 11/3544-199
Fax: +381 11/3544-125
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