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Number of Concluded Distance Contracts in 2019

In 2019, 44,294 financial service contracts between banks and financial service consumers were concluded as distance contracts.

The majority of these contracts concern cash loans, current account overdrafts and savings deposits.

Тhis option is envisaged by the Law on the Protection of Financial Service Consumers in Distance Contracts, adopted in 2018 at the proposal of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS), and by the Decision on Conditions and Manner of Establishing and Verifying Identity of a Natural Person through Means of Electronic Communication, adopted by the NBS in 2019.

The importance of having the possibility to conclude distance contracts and use video identification is best evidenced in times of crisis, when it is essential that clients can perform as many of their regular activities as possible, including those relating to financial services – from their homes, using electronic communication channels and modern technologies.
In line with the recommendations of the competent authorities and in the interest of public health, we advise citizens to avoid visits to financial institutions’ premises to the greatest extent possible and to use the available electronic channels of communication and, when it comes to payments – to use the cashless option (instant payments via mobile banking applications or payment cards).

Payment System Department