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Development of the research function of the National Bank of Serbia is an important precondition for the fulfilment of main objectives and tasks within its remit.

In addition to placing a greater emphasis on work papers and other publications, the National Bank of Serbia will strengthen its role as a local and regional hub for research seminars and international conferences. In furthering that goal, the National Bank of Serbia will continue to cooperate and work jointly with central banks, academic and other international institutions on research projects, pooling of research resources and organisation of research seminars and study visits.

Belgrade Economics and Finance Research Seminar

Since 2018, the NBS and Belgrade Faculty of Economics jointly organise the Belgrade Economics and Finance Research Seminar, following on the seminars held by the NBS in the prior period...

Conferences and Research Courses

As part of implementation of its research development strategy, the National Bank of Serbia organises international conferences in the areas of special research interest. While strengthening the NBS reputation, these conferences provide a forum for involvement of some of the world’s top names in those areas, together with Serbia’s current and emerging expertise.

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