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Calculators of the effect of changes in the nominal interest rate and/or the dinar exchange rate during loan/lease repayment

Amendments to the Decision on Terms and Method of Calculating the Effective Interest Rate and on the Layout and Content of Forms Handed out to Consumers (RS Official Gazette, Nos 65/2011 and 62/2018) / Annexes stipulate the obligation for a bank and a financial lessor to adequately and transparently inform financial service consumers about the risks of borrowing at a variable nominal interest rate and borrowing in a foreign currency or by contracting a currency clause, in accordance with the basic consumer protection principles and the principle of good faith and fairness (in the forms P3-1, РЗ-2 or РЗ-3, depending on the risk assumed).

In addition to the obligation to inform consumers in the pre-contractual phase, a bank and a lessor shall enable on their websites the calculation of annuities and an overview of the loan/lease repayment schedule in the event of individual and joint change of the variable element of the nominal interest rate and the dinar exchange rate at any moment of repayment, and shall set up a link to the part of the NBS website with relevant calculators: