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About the NBS | Archive and Library

Archive and Library

The National Bank of Serbia has rich archive and library material which spans the entire period from the final quarter of the 19th century to the present day and documents not only the history of the National Bank of Serbia since its incorporation in 1884, but also numerous technical and scientific achievements from the monetary, banking, economic and wider social history of Serbia, former Yugoslavia and the region.

The NBS Archive and Library work actively on preserving this rich and diverse body of material of exceptional cultural value.


12 Kralja Petra St, 11 000 Belgrade
Phone: +381 11 3027-298; 3028-798
Fax: +381 11 3027-152
E-mail: arhiv@nbs.rs
17 Nemanjina St, 11 000 Belgrade


+381 11  333-7850
Fax: +381 11  333-7867
E-mail: biblio@nbs.rs


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