Comparative overview of data on minimum dinar amounts paid by banks at the time of buying and/or maximum dinar amounts charged by banks at the time of selling foreign cash



Note: Data available as of 01/02/2006.

Euro (EUR)as at19.04.2024.

Agroindustrijska komercijalna banka AIK banka akcionarsko društvo, Beograd114.2773119.4318
Mobi banka A.D. - Beograd114.4530119.8418
Adriatic Bank akcionarsko društvo Beograd115.9759118.3189
Halkbank Akcionarsko društvo Beograd114.2187120.0761
Banca Intesa A.D.- Beograd114.2187118.6117
Addiko Bank AD Beograd115.9759118.3189
Unicredit Bank Srbija A.D.- Beograd114.3359119.9589
ALTA BANKA A.D. BEOGRAD114.8045119.3615
Banka Poštanska štedionica A.D.- Beograd115.9759118.3188
ProCredit Bank A.D.- Beograd114.2187120.0761
Eurobank Direktna a.d.114.2187120.0761
Raiffeisen banka A.D.- Beograd114.1601120.1347
Srpska banka A.D.- Beograd114.2187120.0761
OTP Banka Srbija a.d. Novi Sad 114.8630119.4318
Erste Bank A.D.- Novi Sad114.8045119.4903
3 BANKA a.d. Novi Sad114.2187120.0761
API Bank akcionarsko društvo Beograd114.9226119.3742
Mirabank akcionarsko društvo Beograd114.8045119.4903

1. Minimum amount paid by a bank when buying a unit (or one hundred units) of a currency is the bankʼs buying exchange rate for the currency less maximum commission percentage.
2. Maximum amount charged by a bank when selling a unit (or one hundred units) of a currency is the bankʼs selling exchange rate for the currency plus maximum commission percentage.
3. The overview includes only data for currencies quoted in the bankʼs exchange rate list for foreign cash, i.e. only data for currencies that the bank trades in.

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